Welcome to VieCode 3.0

  • Since Friday afternoon we have been working intensively on our new website. So far we have run on a WCF 2.1 installation basis. The website was a self-written CMS, which was only partially integrated into the WCF. Due to the upgrade to WSC 3.1 we had to completely rework the website. We decided to officially replace the website with the WSC CMS and some individual pages. For this reason a lot of preparation work and a longer downtime were necessary.

    Now it's finally done: After weeks of work we can welcome you on our new page. There are a few changes, which I would like to summarize in the following listing:

    • We have a completely new style. Many thanks at this point to Tom from cls-design.com, who has supported me actively.
    • We have completely replaced our website with the WoltLab Suite CMS.
    • We have tried to translate all pages into English. Until now most of the content was only available in German.
    • The Plugin-Store connection has been completely rewritten from scratch. This also resulted in our newest plugin, which is now available for purchase as RC version.
    • A dedicated section for tutorials based utilizing our lexicon has been created, which will be expanded in the coming weeks.
    • Our product Jira connection is now also installed on our website.