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    There are two things that restrict the upload size:

    • group permissions: you may have to check if you are restricting the max. upload size to 1 MB
    • server configuration: The configuration max_upload_size may also limit your max. upload size. Please get in touch with your hoster to increase that value.

    If you have an entry in a different language that is related to that entry, you can link them. The lexicon now considers them as the same content and will display that for the user, i.e. hide the other entry if it is already available in the users main language.

    No, there is currently no importer from the WoltLab Filebase. We are further not planning to implement such thing, as the filebase is a completely different system and key elements that are required like taxation are missing in the filebase.

    Is it possible to import products via excel or even via sql?

    No, there is not import functionality. Technically it is feasible to import via SQL, however we do not recommend it.

    Can I also create various custom fields via acp and then run a query to add 400-500 products together?

    What do you mean with custom fields?

    We are often asked whether we can also offer individual solutions or other services. So far we have not advertised our services. In this article I would like to present the first three services that we have added in our product catalogue.

    WoltLab Server Transfer
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    WoltLab Server Transfer

    We take care of the complete relocation of your community to a server.

    Our first service is a classic transfer service at a flat rate. We move communities and other applications to the new server for you. The time period is agreed with the customer in order to keep the downtime as low as possible.

    WoltLab Rescue Service
    Buy (starting at EUR 35.00)

    WoltLab Rescue Service

    We will help you with any problem of your WoltLab installation, even if it is not one of our products.

    The emergency help is primarily aimed at problems that are not covered by our support services. We help with problems of any kind, even if they do not affect our products. Support for our products remains free of charge. We also offer an express option where we try to solve the problem within 24 hours. Should we not be able to solve the problem, we will of course return the money in full.

    Consulting and Implementation
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    Consulting and Implementation

    We will be happy to assist you and help you to realize your projects efficiently and professionally.

    Of course, we also offer classic contract work. These can be the individual creation of products, but also technical consulting.

    At the request of many of our customers, we have decided to publish one of our unique selling points compared to other communities. This extension adds the user's cover image to the sidebar of posts and other content. The cover image will enhance the sidebar and give your users more opportunities to personalize themselves.

    Please note that it may be necessary to make manual CSS adjustments according to the style of your website if you experience display problems. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide support for these customizations.

    Enhanced Cover Photos

    Enhanced Cover Photos WSC 3.1 / 5.2

    Inserts the user's cover photo into the sidebar of posts and other content.

    Since Friday afternoon we have been working intensively on our new website. So far we have run on a WCF 2.1 installation basis. The website was a self-written CMS, which was only partially integrated into the WCF. Due to the upgrade to WSC 3.1 we had to completely rework the website. We decided to officially replace the website with the WSC CMS and some individual pages. For this reason a lot of preparation work and a longer downtime were necessary.

    Now it's finally done: After weeks of work we can welcome you on our new page. There are a few changes, which I would like to summarize in the following listing:

    • We have a completely new style. Many thanks at this point to Tom from, who has supported me actively.
    • We have completely replaced our website with the WoltLab Suite CMS.
    • We have tried to translate all pages into English. Until now most of the content was only available in German.
    • The Plugin-Store connection has been completely rewritten from scratch. This also resulted in our newest plugin, which is now available for purchase as RC version.
    • A dedicated section for tutorials based utilizing our lexicon has been created, which will be expanded in the coming weeks.
    • Our product Jira connection is now also installed on our website.

    The package server is part of the shop system (paid extension). The access to the packages on the package server is bound to the product. If the product is free, everybody can access the package using the package server. In your case you want to limit only the access to the package server. I'm afraid this is not possible with our shop / package server.

    Yes, one serial belongs to one license. You can identify one license / user with the serial number. The serial numbers are basically generated by a random generator in the format XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX, but you can upload your own serial numbers too.

    I'm looking at purchasing the VieCode Shop software as a solution for selling licensed software. I have a base product which has several addons that can be purchased to customize the product. Besides the Customer Portal addon for the Shop, are there any other recommended pieces? I will be the only one selling any products (though I may open up an addon store where users can upload their own plugins at a later time).

    That depends on your needs, but the core module + customer panel ("Kundenbereich") is the minimal required option for selling software downloads. Nevertheless you can also buy any addon later if you are missing some important feature. You may need also other payment types like paypal or stripe.

    Secondly, how is licensing handled? On the surface level, from the screenshots, it appears that the customer is just providing data about their installation. Does this just mark that the user is capable of downloading the purchased software or is the software licensing more advanced than that? Does the Shop software provide an API so that I may connect an external product activation server>

    No, there is no advanced option. You can add serial numbers for each product (or let the shop generate some). There is no API to check the serial number, but that is easy to implement, since all the serial numbers are stored in the database.

    Lastly, could you provide a bit more information on the WCF / WSC package server addon? The software I am writing is stand-alone software written in ASP.NET, which means I could point it to any source for checking for updates. I was planning on using an in-house BitBucket server with GIT control built into the software (do a check to see if the installed software is up-to-date with the master), but if this package server gives me any added functionality, I would be very interested in looking into it as a possibility.

    Unfortunately the package server addon is only for WoltLab addons, e.g. we distribute our products with that extension. You cannot use it for other systems or languages.