Service and Support

The quality of our products is very important to us. Unlike some other developers, our support and quality assurance does not end with the release. We endeavor to officially support our products as long as possible. This support includes i.a. assistance with problems and fixing of errors. Since our beginning we have tried to improve our service. We are especially proud of our fast reaction time in case of problems. We are even so confident that we reveal our reaction times unfiltered. Look at our data yourself! To achieve these reaction times, we in case of new inqueries we send notifications to our mobile phone in order to respond even faster.

With us you get next to high quality products and our promise for the following service:

  • Fast support in the support forum with an average response time of well under 24 hours
  • Long-term support (also for older versions)
  • Timely support of the latest WCF version (if realistic)
  • Active influence on the decision which feature will be implemented in the upcoming update
  • Insight into the current state of development
  • Future-proofness

This is not an empty promise. We have been living these values for years!

Statistics of the last 30 days

20 Requests

were raised in the last 30 days

11 Requests

were answered within 2 hours

0.37 Hours

was the answer time within our office hours

2.4 Hours

was the average answer time

Average response time (office hours)

Average response time