WSC 5.4 / 5.5 / 6.0 Jira Anbindung

Connects the WoltLab Suite with Atlassian Jira Software and BitBucket

The WoltLab Suite in combination with our shop system offers a solid basis for selling software and services. The WoltLab Suite Forum can be used for communication with customers and support. Nevertheless a discrepancy between development and end customer communication quickly arises, because development and project management is usually done in other systems. This results in a compartmentalisation of the systems and the resulting lack of transparency or tedious multiple maintenance of content. To solve this problem we have used an internal tool to connect the forum to the development infrastructure in the past years. Based on our experience and proven practices, we have now developed a new product that closes this gap: We have connected and perfectly integrated the Atlassian products Jira and BitBucket Server (Stash) to the WSC. Due to the direct integration your customers do not need direct access to your development environment. They can therefore prepare the content accordingly and there are no additional license costs for accessing Jira.


Entwicklung mit Transparenz

All Jira-Issues can be integrated at any place (e.g. as forum post) via their own BBCode. The content between Jira and the posts is automatically synchronized. Everyone can see what is currently being worked on and what the current status is. This reduces inquiries to a time horizon and drastically increases customer satisfaction. In addition, all issues are assigned to a version and can be fully traced afterwards. In addition, the corresponding commits to a ticket can be displayed optionally.

Roadmaps and Upvoting

Future developments and ideas can be wonderfully represented in Jira. The problem is that your customers usually do not have access to development systems, i.e. you cannot get feedback on your plans. Our extension automatically creates roadmaps and feature lists for your products. The best part is that customers can up vote for features in the backlog, i.e. you can always see which features are currently most popular and prioritize your development accordingly.


Of course it is important to develop certain functions or products in secret. Access to Jira content can be restricted using special security restrictions. You can restrict access to certain projects, versions, issue types. In addition, a label can be defined that completely hides the content. Access to the Jira BBCode can of course be restricted by group privileges.


Jira lives from the fact that workflows can be adapted to your development. We support this individualization and you have the possibility to use individual Jira Stati. Additionally we support story points, links to support topics or continuative content and the separation of public and internal description texts. User accounts in Jira can be connected to forum accounts and linked accordingly. Individual statuses or texts can also be internationalized.


In forums, labels are often used to indicate the current status of a post. This often corresponds to the status in Jira. We enable the automatic matching of labels to various properties (status, components, label, version, implementation) of the issue. Version changes can also be visualized.

Automatic release calendar and release planning

Using the versions in Jira, an optional release calendar can be created which lists all releases. Additionally, releases are displayed accordingly and a changelog is generated. The changelog can also be included at any position via BBCode.


The Jira connection integrates perfectly into the WoltLab Suite Forum and the VieCode Shop. For both products there is an optional plugin available, which allows customized integrations. The extension for the WoltLab Suite Forum sets labels according to your rules. Additionally errors can be created directly in the forum and automatically integrated into the post. Products in the shop can be connected to Jira projects. Releases and changeslogs are automatically displayed in the customer area and on the product page.

System requirements

  • WoltLab Suite 3.1 or höher
  • Atlassian Jira Installation or Cloud
  • Optional: Atlassian BitBucket Server (BitBucket Cloud is NOT supported)


  • Jira Anbindung
    EUR 41.63


  • Versionsupgrade auf die aktuelle Version
    EUR 20.82

Price excluding sales tax

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