WSC 5.4 / 5.5 / 6.0 OAuth 2.0 Server / OpenID Connect

Connect external applications quickly and easily via the standardized OAuth 2.0 interface.

Larger communities often consist of several different platforms (community, homepage, game server, Wiki, etc.). These are not necessarily limited to WoltLab Suite or multiple WoltLab Suite installations are used. The problem that arises is that users have to log in multiple times because the logins do not synchronise.

The OAuth 2.0 server allows a central login for different platforms using a recognized standard. This allows users to log in to other applications centrally via WoltLab Suite. The data exchange is done via a secure protocol, where no passwords are exchanged. This allows easy connection of third party providers.

Besides an OAuth 2.0 server component the extension comes with an own authentication module, which can be installed in other WoltLab Suite instances. With this module users can log in directly from the main page also on the other pages. The annoying registration is not necessary anymore. The OpenID Connect protocol is used.

The OAuth 2.0 Server supports different approval processes, which can be used by other integrations:

  • authorization code
  • implicit
  • resource owner password credentials
  • client credentials
  • refresh token

In addition, for each application it can be defined exactly which data is shared. These must also be confirmed by the user before the actual sharing with the third-party application. This enables a particularly secure and data protection compliant implementation. The type of data can be extended via a plug-in interface if required.

Limited support for the connection of third-party systems

Due to the large number of OAuth / OpenID systems, support for the setup or connection of other systems is explicitly not included in the license price. We are happy to take over the connection to your desired systems on an order basis.


  • OAuth 2.0 Server / OpenID Connect
    EUR 20.79


  • OpenID Connect Authentication
  • Versionsupgrade auf die aktuelle Version
    EUR 12.46

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    Das Plugin macht genau das, was es soll. Der Support war bei mehreren Anfragen kompetent, zuverlässig und höflich. Einen besonderen Dank möchte ich auch SoftCreatR aussprechen, welcher bei meinem ersten Problem unentgeltlich den Support übernahm und mir zügig zu einer Lösung verhalf.

  • passt perfekt

    Das Plugin ist in gewohnter VieCode-Qualität und funktioniert sofort nach der Installation mit nur wenigen Einstellungen. Es tut genau das was es soll und soweit ich bisher feststellen kann perfekt.

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