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Easy installation and configuration

The installation is done via the package interface of your WSC installation. You do not need any special knowledge: The upload of the package is complete sufficient! Updates can also be imported automatically via the same interface.

The lexicon is delivered preconfigured and is therefore ready for most applications. Should you still If you prefer professional help, VieCode offers an uncomplicated installation service.

Focus on articles

The heart of the lexicon are the corresponding articles. We spent a lot of time optimizing the view and putting the content in the foreground. Each article can be easily created using a WYSIWYG editor. In addition, we support a simplified Wiki syntax, which allows, among other things, the simple creation of headings and structures. In addition, of course, well-known standard functions from the WSC, such as tags and attachments, are also available in the lexicon.


International communities are becoming more and more important! We have recognized this trend and have already optimized the lexicon for internationalization. Each article is assigned to a language. In addition, each article can be linked with an article from one language. The lexicon recognizes this link and presents your members only those articles in the language that your users have activated. The main language is of course preferred.


The lexicon lives from the collaborative creation of entries. In order not to lose the overview, the lexicon logs every single change to an article. To enable you to track the change process better, the lexicon offers the possibility to compare any versions with each other. If you don't want to make changes to the the intended result, any previous version can be easily restored. Should you be completely satisfied with a version, you can of course also protect it from further changes.

Custom input fields

A lexicon can be adapted to your needs with great ease to your specific application. A car community needs a different lexicon than a game forum. With static input fields, you can only poorly solve the different needs. For this reason we have implemented the possibility of the customizable input fields. You can determine, which input fields are available, which properties they have and who has access to it. For a better overview input fields can be assigned to a category.
Each input field has a specific type. According to the type the appropriate input field and format is selected. For better Individualization, a special expert mode can be activated, where more options are available for each input field: Validation pattern (Regex), PHP output class and much more!

System-wide linkage

One of the special highlights and strengths of the lexicon is the system-wide linking of content. If a user of your forum creates a post which contains terms from the lexicon, it is automatically recognized them and link them to the lexicon. The collected knowledge is not hidden on any subpage, but is automatically integrated into the content. In technical forums, this function can be used, for example, to explain technical terms. If a user If he does not know the term used, he only needs to move the mouse over the link and a short explanation will be displayed.
As a special highlight, the lexicon is also integrated into the WYSIWYG editor, which is used by all applications. Entries in the lexicon can be actively linked, if a question mark is placed before the word when writing. The lexicon automatically recognizes the input and suggests suitable terms from the lexicon.

Terms of Use

For legal protection, you can create terms of use for the lexicon. These must be accepted by your users and guests before the lexicon can be entered and used. The terms of use can be written in several languages and are displayed to the user in his or her own language.


Verlieren Sie nie den Überblick! Das Lexikon bindet sich nahtlos in die Suche des WSCs ein und ermöglicht eine effiziente Suche auch in größeren Foren. Die Suche berücksichtigt natürlich alle Berechtigungen und Spracheinstellungen, d.h. Ihre Nutzer finden nur die Einträge, auf die sie auch wirklich Zugriff haben.


In order to have better control over the entries, the lexicon offers extensive moderation functions. You can determine which functions you want to use. The moderation functions can even be restricted to categories.
In addition to manual checking by a moderator, the lexicon also supports the possibility of reporting entries. If your user notices an entry that violates any rules, this can be reported to a moderator in a fast way. The moderator then has a wide range of options to deal with the message.
In addition to general moderation, the lexicon also offers a quick moderation function. The moderator is shown a special button for each entry, which provides access to the most important functions. With the help This function allows the most important tasks to be completed quickly.


In many cases articles are unclear and incorrect. In order to avoid tedious and redundant communication via private messages or e-mail, a comment function has been integrated into the lexicon. Users can leave questions or comments to which the creator of the entry (or other members of your community) can respond. This allows a continuous improvement of the content in your lexicon by your user base!