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Easy installation and configuration

The installation takes place via the package interface of your WSC installation. You do not need any special knowledge: Uploading the package is completely sufficient! Updates can also be uploaded automatically via the same interface.

The marketplace is delivered pre-configured and is therefore ready for most applications. However, if you prefer professional help VieCode offers an uncomplicated installation service.


In order to facilitate the sale, the marketplace introduces a new Transaction System. Each user can create quotations for each entry. and thus express his interest in the article. Your users can either accept the given price or make a counteroffer. create. Unanswered offers can be deleted by the user at any time. can be overwritten or revised.
If another user is interested in the article you have posted the offeror automatically receives a message via the new offer. Incoming quotations can be viewed via a separate interface. can be managed. If an offer is accepted, the entry automatically marked as "done" and no further offers can be submitted. can be sent. Any unanswered requests will be automatically processed by the System rejected.

Geolocalization, maps and radius search

It often makes sense for entries within a certain area to be can be searched for (e.g. if your users wants to pick up the offered goods in person). Each entry can therefore (optionally) be picked up from a address, which can then be graphically formatted on a map (Google Maps). In order to keep the overview, the groups entries in the vicinity.
In order to simplify the radius search, a function has been integrated which determines the current location of the user (if the user allows that). On the basis of various factors, the location can be reduced to a few meters (also without built-in GPS transmitter). These Information can be used for radius search. The user is therefore not forced to enter its location itself.

Life-Cycle Management of entries

The marketplace supports complex transactions of entries: This begins and ends with the sale of an entry. Depending on the status of an entry, the Marketplace automatically provides other options and tools.
After creating an entry, the marketplace automatically recognizes whether the new entry is immediately available or must first be checked by a moderator. This is done via the user group rights and individual rights of the respective category. If an entry must first be checked by a moderator, the moderators are automatically notified of the new entry. As soon as the entry has been reviewed by a moderator has been confirmed, the user receives a message that his entry is now available for all users.
Each entry can (optionally) be defined with a validity period. You can decide whether you want to activate this function and for how long an entry can be valid. If an entry with a validity date of the entry is only valid until this date. If no interested party is found by the validity date, the entry is automatically closed and no more offers can be sent.
If an interested party is found for the article, the user can finally mark the entry as done to stop receiving further offers. The item is now sold and the entry is archived.

Customizable input fields

A marketplace software can only be adapted in principle with difficulty to your and your application case. A car forum will need a different marketplace than a game community. With static input fields, you can only poorly understand the different needs ...and we'll fulfill it. For this reason we have at the market place the possibility of the customizable input fields. You can determine, which input fields are available, which properties are available for these and who has access to it. For a better overview Input fields can be combined to a category.
Each input field has a specific type. According to the type the appropriate input field and format is selected. For better Individualization, a special expert mode can be activated, where more options are available for each input field: Validation pattern (Regex), PHP output class and much more!


The most important thing about a marketplace are the entries. To get an overview not to lose, entries can be sorted into categories. The active category displays all entries that are in the current category or in one of its subcategories (e.g: If the "Auto" category is active, the entries are also displayed, which are in the subcategory "Used cars"). The Categories serve as a kind of individual filter.
You can determine whether each entry appears in more than one category. or whether an entry must be assigned to exactly one category. Depending on your field of application, the marketplace adapts to your needs. on!

Terms of Use

For legal protection, you can create terms of use for the marketplace. These must be accepted by your users and guests before the marketplace can be entered and used. The terms of use can be written in several languages and are displayed to the user in his or her own language.


Never lose the overview! The marketplace integrates seamlessly into the WSC search and enables an efficient search even in larger forums. Of course, the search considers all permissions and language settings, i.e. your users will only find the entries they really have access to.


In order to have better control over the entries, the marketplace offers extensive moderation functions. You can determine which functions you want to use. The moderation functions can even be restricted to categories.
The marketplace supports manual checking by a moderator as well as the possibility of reporting entries. If your user notices an entry that violates any rules, this can be reported to a moderator in a fast way. The moderator then has a wide range of options to deal with the message.
In addition to general moderation, the marketplace also offers a quick moderation function. The moderator is shown a special icon for each entry, which provides access to the most important functions. With the help This function allows the most important tasks to be completed quickly.


Descriptions of posted articles are often unclear. To avoid tedious and redundant communication via private messages or e-mail, a comment function has been integrated into the marketplace. Users can leave questions or comments to which the creator of the entry (or other members of your community) can respond. This saves many questions that might be asked multiple times by different users to the creator.

Ratings and Reviews

Marketplaces rely on the trust of their users. The larger the community, the more likely it is that is that other people try to scam your users. The rating system creates help here. All transactions can be evaluated by both sides, i.e. both the buyer as well as the seller can give an evaluation. The evaluation includes always a free text. Permanent evaluation criteria can also be defined. By default, there are three types: 5 stars, positive/negative and positive/negative/neutral. For a better overview, these are also displayed directly next to each offer of the user as well as in the User profile is displayed. The criteria can be individually adapted to your community.
In case of conflict, of course, all ratings can be moderated. The rating system was fully integrated into the moderation.
The opposite side can always comment on each assessment in order to clarify possible misunderstandings.